You just got a camera and you're looking to learn how to use it. Or maybe you have been doing photography for a while but still want to be connected to other creatives. Or you are a business owner who sees the power of marketing and you're looking learn how to make your online content pop!

Creative Dust Community is for photographers, media creatives and general business owners. As a group we are able to support each other, grow and make an even bigger impact in our entrepreneurial lanes.

So friend, If you are looking for creative connection and community then you are in the right place.

I am so excited to take this leap with you!! 🥳📷🎉🎨

Dustin Mitchell

Creative Friend!



I'M Dustin! Ice Cream Lover, Creative,  Business owner AND FRIEND

hey, you!

This is my 6th year in business as a photographer and videographer.

When I first started out, I paid an out-of-state talented photographer to mentor me. Later I took online courses, attended workshops, retreats, content days and more to increase my own abilities to best serve my clients and community. Through these opportunities, I have had the privilege to build friendships with some of the best photographers, videographers, creatives and business owners around. 

I have seen first hand the benefit of actively pursuing education and connection. And now, I want to take all of that and download it straight into you! 

If you are looking to expand your media skills, grow your business, and connect with an amazing group of creatives then this is for you!!!

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Imagine a world where different creative businesses can come together and not only answer each other's questions but also cheer each other on. That's exactly what you get with the Online Community Group!

Creative Dust Community maintains a private online networking group to support one another no matter where you are in your career. The community will help you with business questions, media, gear questions and more.

Join our virtual networking party!

The Online Party

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+ Peppermint chapstick is what my lips crave

+ Flaming hot cheetos are my guilty pleasure

+ I love collecting Christmas ornaments when traveling

+ I love music and dancing for fun

+ I am in bible college
+ I enjoy ink and watercoloring in my free time

quick facts about me

After signing up for Creative Dust Community you will have the ability to login and learn at your convenience. Binge watch the videos or watch them weekly. The speed you go is completely up to you.

We have made it to where you can watch the videos on your mobile device or computer. You can learn while on the go or in your favorite office space.

You can mark videos as "complete" so you know where you last finished. You can also skip around and pick videos that interest you most.
You are your own boss here. 

You are a business owner that needs to be able to learn at your own speed. 

Educational Videos you can watch at your own pace

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Creative Dust Community meets once a month in different cities. This is a wonderful opportunity to get out of town, in a different space and enjoy the adventure of new scenery. 

January 8th - Birmingham, AL
February 5th - Huntsville, AL
March 5th - Decatur, AL
April 2nd - Cullman, AL
May 7th - Birmingham, AL
June 19th - Nashville, TN
July 23rd
August 27th
September 17th
October 29th
November 19th
December 10th

*Locations & Dates Subject to Change

Let's Meet

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and our mission

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Creative Dust Community

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What to Expect when we meet

Food, Friends & Fun!

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So what does this look like? Well in a magical world I would just clone myself and show up at your door.. but for all practical purposes, outside of our monthly connection days I am available online.

Sometimes you just want to be able bounce an idea off of someone. There are times when you don't want to sift through every youtube video on the internet to find an answer to one question. That's where I come in.

You can email me anything you need help with and I will respond within 72 hours with my best guidance. *excluding Holidays, weekends, my birthday and vacations.

After you sign up for Creative Dust Community you join a team! And I'm here to teach, coach & mentor you as you bring your A game to the creative business world! 

+ Peppermint chapstick is what my lips crave

+ Flaming hot cheetos are my guilty pleasure

+ I love collecting Christmas ornaments when traveling

+ I love music and dancing for fun

+ I am in bible college
+ I enjoy ink and watercoloring in my free time

quick facts about me

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$29 a month

Join Creative Dust Community today and get immediate access to all pre-recorded content, new weekly lessons, an online networking group and monthly in-person connection opportunities.

When you join the party today you also get online access to Dustin as she helps you navigate your business goals.


Creative Dust Community


No. The educational videos are over a variety of topics. I use information and feedback from current members when creating the weekly videos. The video on it's own does include step-by-step instructions on how too achieve the specific goal of the subject. However, each weekly video does not necessarily build off one another in a course outline style.


No and yes. Creative Dust Community is not specifically geared towards new photographers. There are many videos that are suitable for new photographers, but this is not a beginners photographer education class. However, videos on how to shoot in manual mode and more will be coming soon.

In addition, Michael and I have both showed photographers at our connection days how to use their camera in manual mode  while in-person. We are here to assist you with hands on help at our monthly connection days and through email with additional online resources.


Great question! Since I am a photographer the majority of students I have attracted are other photographers. However it takes more than camera skills to run a business. Every business owner can benefit from learning how to show up up powerfully online. That's where I can help. Many of our educational videos include ways to create online content that showcases your business effectively.

Aquire skills to get your audience to stop scrolling when they see your social media accounts. Gain knowledge to make your website's presentation sell before you even invest time into your customer. Learn how to show up beautifully.

And let's connect further on how we can highlight, promote and create content around your business at our connection days. We are all here to help each other grow.

Frequently Asked Questions


Access to me does not include phone calls or texts. One of the subjects I love teaching on in Creative Dust Community is Business Boundaries. To ensure that I am able to offer the best of me to the entire group I offer unlimited email access for direct communication. I will return my best response to you in 72 hours excluding weekends, holidays, my birthday or vacation travel.

In addition to email access, I actively respond to questions in our Creative Dust Community Networking Groups. You can also DM me on Instagram. 


After joining Creative Dust Community you will get access to all previously recorded lessons. You can skip to the videos labeled "Apply Creative Dust Studios Indoor Presets" and "Gallery Prepping & Applying Creative Dust Studios Outdoor Garden Presets" 

The above videos include steps to download and apply my very own presets.


Absolutely! You may have a little FOMO when we discuss monthly plans in the networking groups, but Create Dust Community still provides so much online value. You still have the ability to request video topics, email me directly, and reach out to a group of creative business owners. Plus you have a forever invitation to maybe one day join us in person.