quick facts about me

I love Jesus, making new friends and going on adventures. Photography for me has been the vehicle to do what I'm most passionate about and that's encouraging others. I love creating an image that makes you feel beautiful & confident. I love being your hype girl and helping you come alive and walk away from our session ready to take on the world.

If you're rocking out your senior year, celebrating the love story of a lifetime or branding your business, I will make you feel like the star you are! I believe you are glowing and I'm here to capture all your shiny moments.

I'm Dustin, Wedding & Senior Photographer & Videographer extraordinaire.

hello there!

+ Peppermint chapstick is what my lips crave

+ Flaming hot cheetos are my guilty pleasure

+ I love collecting Christmas ornaments when traveling

+ I love music and dancing for fun

+ I am in bible college
+ I enjoy ink and watercoloring in my free time

quick facts about me

I married the love of my life 11 years ago. Michael, who is also my second shooter or videographer depending on the day, is my hubby. 

We met in Oklahoma, where we are both originally from. Michael is two years younger than me, but definitely more mature. hahaha. I am the silly spontaneous one that he is tasked with keeping in-line. I love him.

Michael Mitchell

Married to

AJ is my fun little happy three year old. He inherited resting smile face from his mom and is 99% of the time grinning. 

He loves trains, trucks, and being read lots of books. He is our sweet baby boy.

to AJ Mitchell

I am a mama

For me, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is a timeless classic, but anything with a vanilla base and stuffed with candy! 

For Michael, Halo top! He doesn't ever eat sweets unless it's Halo top ice cream.

AJ is more of a popsicle guy!

ice cream cone

Our go to

I'm super social and love meeting new people and seeing new spaces. Photography has created so many beautiful opportunities for me to enjoy new friends and explore new cities.


why i became a

My favorite season for photography is Spring, because of the colorful pastel scenery I adore. 

My favorite season for myself is fall because of all the fun family memories that kick off. I love cozy family nights, flannel, pumpkin everything, the changing colors and cooler temperatures. 

is fall

my favorite season

Before AJ was born we went to Europe and that was amazing! We definitely want to go again. Paris is always a good idea.

We love seeing new places but if we are going to the beach then 30A is our favorite or to Gatlinburg for a fun mountain getaway.

place to travel

Our favorite

Our adventure started in Oklahoma 11 years ago when Michael and I got married. We have lived in a few different locations since then, but when we moved to Alabama it became home.

We love Jesus! Our foundation for life, our marriage, our family and our business is found in the word of God. We seek the Lord when making decisions and on how to best serve our community, friends and clients.

We enjoy Mexican food, movie nights and overall celebrating
this beautiful life of ours.

We are a family of three that enjoy adventure, creativity and meeting new friends.

Momma Bear, Daddy Bear & Baby Bear