First Day of Summer Break

Our Life

May 28, 2017

Today was the first day summer vacation for me and it was fantastic! It started out with a great morning with our new doggy friend Bonnie. She is staying with us while her family goes on  a Disney cruise. Thor really enjoys having her here and they are always playing.

Later we went  to the Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon show, but unfortunately their were now hot air balloons when we were there due to the weather. I guess it was too windy, but I still got some cute pictures of people enjoying the other festivities. Oh and I saw Miss Alabama.

After that Michael was nice enough to take me to Delano Park here in town to let me take pictures of the flowers. Last weekend when we were doing a photoshoot for the Thompson family we went to Delano park and I saw the gorgeous flowers there for the first time. I knew I would want to go back so I could take my time photographing them. 

Now Michael is watching the Regional Crossfit Competition on tv while I’m writing my first photography blog post. It has been an adventurous day.


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