Syndey & Grayson Engagement


December 15, 2023

How was I even suppose to focus on taking engagement photos when Sydney’s adorable shoes and STUNNING engagement ring had me mesmerized. When I see such beauty my creativity is firing so fast that I don’t even know where to start! I have all these ideas all at once and then my brain comes back in yelling, “Don’t scare them! They just met you.”

All that to say, I could have taken photos of these two all day. Grayson was definitely saved by the sun setting so early. And they were such troopers in the cold, too!

PSA: These two were in it to win it and definitely didn’t scare off. 🙂

These two are such a gorgeous couple and they have the coolest personalities too. They were ready for it all and now I am even more ready for their wedding day. June 1st 2024 can’t come soon enough at the Witt House. Also, I’m getting giddy thinking about her wedding color schemes of white, pink, and gold. AAANND they are booking with some of my favorite vendors, too! Completely looking forward to making more memories behind my lens for these guys!


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