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July 21, 2017

Hotel Le 123 Sebastopol – Astotel 123 Boulevard de Sebastopol 75002 Paris, France


July 8th: Arrived in Paris around 3:00pm and took a taxi to the hotel.  Had a good pasta dish at “Nylsa Caffe”.  Had dinner at “Cafe Brasserie” by the Eiffel Tower and had an AWFUL cheeseburger. 


July 9th:  Had a coffee at “Cafe Gustave” and went on a morning tour of the Eiffel Tower.  After the tour we snacked for lunch at a street vendor near the Seine River and took a 1 hour river cruise.  After the cruise we decided to go to the Louvre. (P.S. the bathrooms cost 1,50 euro) had starbucks and decided to wait till the next day due to the Louvre closing in an hour and a half.  Had another street vendor and had a waffle burger for dinner. 


July 10th:  Had breakfast at the hotel and went to the Louvre in the morning.  We bravely fought the crowd to get to the front of the line for the Mona Lisa.  For lunch we went the Champs Elysees Avenue to Laduree and had a sandwich, hot chocolate and macaroons.  That evening we had a formal dinner cruise on the Seine River by Bateaux Parisians. We had a wonderful 3 course meal with a main chicken entrees.


July 11th:  Went on a morning tour of the Notre Dame Cathedral and ate lunch at the “Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole”.  Definitely the most favorite food we ate at in Paris.  That evening we had an evening show at the Moulin Rouge that we thought was like a Branson, MO show, but we were wrong. This featured a 3 course dinner.  After the show we caught an Uber and went to watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle.  


July 12th: Went and toured the artist area of Montmartre and ate breakfast at the La Cremaillere 1900.  After breakfast we went to the Salvador Dali Museum and absolutely loved the work!  We shopped through the afternoon down Champs Elysees Avenue and ate dinner at a wonderful restaurant, Dustin was choking on all the smoke from outside.


July 13th:  Left Paris and went back to Venice for the end of our vacation.  Hotel in Venice was the Venice Resort… Although I still don’t know why they call it a resort. We laid by the hotel pool and watched Italian music videos and ate an odd dinner that we still don’t know what we ordered.


July 14th: Ate breakfast at the hotel and went to the airport to fly back to Atlanta.  Got back to Atlanta around 10pm and stayed at a hotel.


July 15th:  Picked up baby Thorson Eugene and went home to watch Gladiator.

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