Scotty & Jessica Engagement Photoshoot


January 23, 2019

Scotty & Jessica were total champs in this cold January weather. They chose to brave the chilly wind with a smile and their pictures are so adorable they warm my heart! This was such a fun day. I was bundled up and spouting off random stuff to get the reactions I like to catch on camera while promising them that I wasn’t as socially awkward as I seemed. But then later I accidentally went to the wrong car while they were waiting to follow me… So maybe I am. hahahaha!

Their wedding is in only a few weeks and I can’t wait. Wedding season is my fav and I already have a group of amazing couples booked. 2019 is going to be fabulous.

Also, I tried to get these pictures in order. I must have uploaded them a zillion times, but nothing would do the trick. So enjoy this eclectic viewing experience. 😀

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