Holdbrooks Senior Photoshoot


February 21, 2019

Taking Lily’s senior photos was more than just smiling for the camera, it was an adventure. We started out in Mooresville, Alabama which is the cutest little town ever. It’s older than Alabama as a state and you could feel the history while walking around there. However if you’re a commercial photographer be warned that you have to have a permit before shooting there. The town was overwhelmed by photographers at one point and since then they have put in strict guidelines.

Before we really dive into talking about how gorgeous Lily is and how she looks good from every angle, let’s talk about a couple places we loved. Lyla’s Little house is an adorable shop full of candy, ice-cream, and more. Michael & AJ came with me and we got to meet Lyla. AJ and her hit it off right from the start. We purchased a fabulous looking box of candy and enjoyed chatting about the town with her. Also we discovered Java Coffee. They made a great latte and had neat art for sale inside as well.

Now to focus on the reason we were all there. Lily!!! She is so pretty and fun. She is going to Samford this fall and I’m just so excited for her. Plus I need to mention she looks amazing in blue! My most favorite pictures of her are the ones where she is laughing, smiling or looking off humorously. We have Flo & Malana, her friends, to thank for that. They came along and kept Lily laughing and having fun the entire time. When we got to Huntsville for her next location, Flo & Malana were the real MVP’s and helped out big time. They held a giant sign from being in the way, picked up Lily so she could change without walking back to the car and so much more. Because I don’t think I mentioned this, but it got cold.

Lily did so good smiling even while she was freezing on a rooftop. She seriously pushed through and her pictures look amazing. The jacket she was sporting towards the end was just fantastic too! And when she was wearing the silver dress with the brown boots I told she looked very Nashville. I just really love this girl’s style.

Overall I think you can easily tell by the pictures that we had a lot of fun. We were cracking up at Lily trying to make serious faces but she did nail it. She had some high fashion looks and I was loving it. You rock Lily and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to capture these fun moments with you.

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