Ashlen & Ross Wedding Day


September 29, 2022

Someone pinch me because I’m dreaming. These photos are unreal. Today I’ve found myself airdropping endless photos of these two onto my phone. It’s been ridiculously hard to decide which ones to share online because I want to share each photo as it’s own post. Would anyone mind if I just made a 100 posts in one day… hahahaha! Okay, I’ll chill, but I’m in love with these.

I am in love with Harvest Hollow though too! And this couple, and this time of the year. Listen, I love all wedding days, I do! They are all beautiful, unique and have their special flair, but a fall wedding day in Alabama takes the cake. Perfect weather, beautiful couple and celebrating marriage with friends and family. It doesn’t get much better! Congrats you two. May your marriage be full of dancing under the stars through every season.

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