Catherine Keel Senior Photoshoot


September 1, 2021

Quick! Someone call the fire department because this one is blazing!! hahahaha! I love this fiery spunky chick so much!! I first got to take a few photos of her during a friend squad session for Cailey Barbee’s birthday. I love all those girls! This time though, It was so fun getting to have some one on one time with Catherine for her senior photoshoot. The girl has moves for days. If the sun didn’t go down I think we might still be going.

I always ask my seniors the typical, “what do you plan on doing at college or after high school?” And Catherine’s answer was the absolute best and I can totally relate. She wants to be a stay at home dog mom that rocks LuLu’s while living her best life. hahahaha! Yes girl! I will praying you in a real rich future husband so you can live your dream. I will then come be your personal photographer for you and your future fur baby! hahaha! I can’t wait to see you do amazing at college next school year and discover all your passions. You are a fire ball and your going to shine bright at whatever you do!

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