Emily Grace & Austin Engagement Session


May 22, 2022

These perfect red roses plus this gorgeous couple have my mind totally blown. I am officially that lady who can’t stop talking about the blooming flowers at the botanical garden. Dustin from 10 years ago would be making fun of myself right now. I already have my retirement plan. In about 30 to 40 years you will catch me at the local botanical garden painting flowers and bird watching with my camera!! I am cracking up at flashy colorful old lady Dustin in the future.

Back to the point, this stunning couple!! I am obsessed with these. EG is a pro model and made my dreams come true. I am 100% counting down the days until I get to photograph her next. We are doing a fun photoshoot when she gets fitted for her dress soon! I can’t even wait. Then I will get to enjoy the magic of these two this October! ahhhh! We are so excited!

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