Heather & Sammer Wedding Day


May 23, 2023

This couple instantly had our hearts! We met up with them in the winter to discuss their upcoming spring wedding day. They had us meet them at this spot with the best pretzel I have ever had. They both love trying new food, travel and overall having a good time. We talked about all the fun we would have getting to get together more, but then plot twist!! Michael’s job moved us to Nashville! So obviously we are long overdue for another night out with these two.

But I am so off point here, the point is their stunning wedding day that brought us together. It was absolutely perfect and I am not the least bit surprised. Sammer comes from a rich cultural background that made this day even more beautiful and unique than what we normally document on wedding days. The Zaffah, the traditions and the party! Wow they totally threw down. Even the food was amazing. And Heather! I don’t think I have ever had a more chill bride with the sweetest heart. She is the definition of just a beautiful soul. I just love her. And I love these two together! Congratulations Heather & Sammer! I have been stalking your honey moon travels so I already know you had a fabulous time. Welcome back to America! We missed you here. Love you both!

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