Joshua & Janet Mills Portrait Branding Photoshoot


October 13, 2021

Joshua & Janet Mills are making my creative ministry dreams come true right now! This power couple makes an impact that goes beyond the state of Alabama and reaches individual lives globally. This school year, I personally have gotten the incredible privilege of learning from them at King’s Way College. Their knowledge and understanding of the glory realm inspires me to go deeper in my walk with Jesus. Not only are they a treasure chest of wisdom, their artistic influence is expanding my vision for what is possible for creatives within ministry. I am so excited for Joshua Mills new book “Creative Glory” that comes out this November. You can pre-order yours here though!

I also had the best time hanging out with Janet & Joshua’s children. They are a precious bunch that are all so photogenic. I really enjoyed exploring the Birmingham area while capturing their beautiful lives. I can’t wait to get to know them even more because our journey as friends and a church family at King’s Way Church has just begun

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