Lauren & Dalton Wedding Day


November 22, 2022

What do you when the weather is predicting non stop rain on your wedding day? Well you freak out of course! But then you chill because I remind you that your photos will be even more romantic and still beautiful. No one wants rain on their wedding day, but seriously, it adds such an intimate dreamy aesthetic to your day. The mist of rain as you kiss under a clear umbrella is what love stories are made of.

Lauren & Dalton’s wedding day was amazing. We were all flexible as we moved the timeline around to do our best to catch small moments when the rain would stop. Every photo I took I thought could be my last outdoor photo, so I lived for every second. This causes the most stunning wedding gallery to happen. How many times did we run outside and then run back inside after only a few minutes of photos? a lot! hahahaha, but we all made it happen. This day was perfect and this couple is a dream. We are so happy for them. Congrats you two! The Lord definitely blessed you with a beautiful day and an even more beautiful marriage. May you always find reason to frolic on the sunny days and the rainy ones too!

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