Lauren Grace Acupan Senior Photoshoot


May 3, 2022

Lauren Grace is so talented and smart! I had the best time with her making these photos happen. She even let me use her tennis racket and show her my super amazing skills on the court… 😂 I LOVE getting to have fun with my seniors. I will 100% be silly to keep them laughing and smiling for every outfit. And speaking of outfits, I am obsessed with LG’s style!

I first got to know this beautiful girl when I was her media teacher 5 years ago. Even then, the girl had fabulous taste. For her “Dream Room” project, she created an excel spreadsheet where nearly every item was from Anthropologie. I was like, “Yes girl! I want that room too!” hahaha. Good times! And even more to come. I am so excited to see LG do amazing at college this fall. She has the brightest future and I am always cheering her on. Shine on girl!

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