Montana & Zack Wedding Day


August 24, 2022

Can you believe that it rained a few times on this wedding day? You can’t even tell when you look at the photos, but we had to run from rain a few times. But come rain or shine, and we had both, this day was going to be beautiful. And it 100% was just that.

Montana & Zack were born to take couples portraits together. They effortlessly moved through their wedding day looking like a cover of a bridal magazine in every shot. It’s honestly made it so difficult to choose a cover photo because I want them all to be showcased! A love like theirs is just picture perfect. Michael and I wish them all happiness in the world. May you both always dance through the storms and sunshine of life. And you can trust that the end result will always be gorgeous.

  1. Virginia walker says:

    This is! Awesome you do a wonderful job

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