Sara Hopkins Senior Photoshoot


October 27, 2021

Sara Hopkins knows how to style a shoot! This beautiful girl knew how to accessorize and more. Her jewelry, college props, tennis gear, shoes and fabulous outfits were so fun to photograph. Plus, she is actually a photographer herself. I loved getting to talk to her about lenses and what it’s like to be in front of the camera vs. behind it. I have to stop and give all my clients a round of applause because being behind in front of the camera is no easy task. I always help my clients relax by assuring them that I will walk them through all the posses and make sure they look fabulous.

Sara did so good with posing. She had lots of her own ideas, which I welcome too! Some of the best photoshoots are a collaboration with me taking your vision to the next level with my experience. I do believe that Sara and I made a great team and I am now so in love with all her senior photos! Go Sara! You are beautiful darling!

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