Sophie Thorn Senior Photoshoot


September 16, 2022

What happens when you meet in Nashville for your senior photoshoot? This!!!! All of this happens!!! And I’m just staring in love with these photos, these memories and this beautiful girl.

We met up at Phonoluxe Record & Music Store in Nashville and let me just first give these guys a shout out!! Phonoluxe is AMAZING!! They were so cool and accommodating as we we’re making Sophie’s dream senior session a reality. Definitely going to be buying all my music from them and sending everyone their way too. Fantastic experience and fully loaded shop. Plus a round of applause to Amelia’s Flower Truck that is a Nashville must. Your blooms are spectacular. Nashville was incredible and Sophie is going down as one of my all-time favorite senior photoshoots ever!!! Such a good time. Love her and prayers she gets to call this fabulous city home next year. Keep it up girl. You are certainly a rock star!

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