Cierra & Phillip Wedding Day


July 28, 2022

What would it be like to take wedding photos on the sun? I imagine it would feel similar to a July wedding day in Florida… hahahaha! Can we just be real about it? We were all sooooo hot!! Our couple was complete perfection though! Their magical wedding day in the sunshine state could easily be identified as a royal wedding day. We took their portraits at record time so we all didn’t end up a puddle on the sidewalk, but every photo of them is stunning! Plus they got married at the most beautiful church!! The air-conditioned scenery was magnificent too!

Michael and I have been pumped about getting the opportunity to do this travel wedding in Florida for months and it was all we dreamed it would be! Cierra & Phillip are very kind and an incredibly beautiful couple. We are so grateful we got to capture the sweet union of their lives together and wish them a zillion years of happiness together! May there always be sunshine for you two!! and an air conditioner too! 😉😂

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