Jadyn & Kolton Engagement Session


June 7, 2023

Dustin, what are the scenes like in Nashville? Should we meet you there for our photography session? Me: YESSSS!! Don’t walk. Run! Because, you guys, Nashville is incredible!!! When Jadyn said her and Kolton were up for meeting me here I was like girrlllll! I have so many locations we have to do. I’m bursting with inspiration and all these new spots are calling my name.

Jadyn & Kolton are gorgeous!!! They have had me stressed out in the best way. How do you stress Dustin out? Two ways. One, be a grocery store that’s is always out of Chester’s Flaming Hot Fries… Two, be a STUNNING COUPLE that has me staring at your gallery for way too long wondering how I will choose a cover photo. I want to share them all. I want to just make a whole instagram page dedicated to this session. 😂😂😂 I just love these two and the opportunity I got to capture them.

Jadyn has such a special place in my heart. We met over 4 years ago at Starbucks when Jadyn was doing a photography mentor session with me. Then she second shot for me at weddings, she joined creative dust community and I photographed her proposal. She is just one of those forever cherished people in my life that has been there since the beginning. And she is TALENTED!!!! Whoa! If you haven’t seen her photography, please let me take this moment to say go look!

Anyways, Jadyn, girl, you know I could hype you up until the cows come home. I am a forever fan. And I am sooo happy you met Kolton. He is such a sweet handsome guy and I can’t wait to photograph the big day this September! Love ya both!!!

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