Jolee & Connor Engagement Session


June 2, 2023

Can we talk about how beautiful this couple is? And how I don’t know how I am going to be patient enough to wait for their 2024 wedding day. They are so photogenic and just the absolute cutest together. Plus everyone who knows me knows, I love Harvest Hollow. It’s literally the perfect wedding day venue the owners are sweet as pie. If you have a summer wedding, you definitely want this venue too. Because you know, Alabama summers are brutal!! Harvest Hollow keeps the place so nice and cold and every photo taken there is perfectly lit. Just forever a fan!

Jolee and Connor did so good for their engagement session. They were so easy to pose and capture as they just effortlessly interacted with each-other. I could have hung out with them all evening, but alas I had to release them to dinner. They had Long Horn Steak House on their minds and no one can compete with that. 😂

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